- Work out information
 - Receive reference
 - Send payment
 - You’ll receive your art when it’s done

Needed to commission
- A PayPal account!
- Colour picture reference
- General attitude or explanation of the character
- Pose ideas, if none are given then I’ll decide

 - Adding an additional character will be 75% more (Expect comics)
          Ex: 2 Full Body sketches ($9 + $6.75 = $15.75)
 - All comics are sketch unless discussed otherwise.


Contact me via:

Tumblr ask or by email:

Working on updating commission info

yup yup

From the sounds of it, I’m going to be living in a very expensive shoebox this year.

Characters designed by Mistress Guertena

Characters designed by Mistress Guertena

Sketches from an ask meme.


This is for the talented Automb, for my part of the trade! You can see her wonderful half here! ♥ A long while back this picture of Wilson and Webber gave me the idea, and Automb’s request allowed me to flesh it out! It was a challenge to write, so I hope it doesn’t…

I should have reblogged this a while ago and for that I am sorry. I was not as gratuitous as I should have been and unintentionally hurt the feelings of someone whom I have much respect for. Go read more of her work on her page, she really is an amazing writer and a privilege to have in this fandom.

just wanted to tell you that westcott is a real cutie and his interactions with other rpers are really cool and make me really happy (i hope that didnt sound weird at all)

Oh no, I didn’t think others would be reading about him. .shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit.

I have no idea what I’m doing so he must look like a total nutcase, blowing stuff up and talking about relationships with Deerclops.

But ahhhhh! It does make me really happy that you enjoy him and his shortness. Thank you!

Almost my birthday! So excited! Gonna be an adultier adult!

Sooooo This is happening now, Don’t Starve RP blog.  I kinda think I how to do it. thesoullessautomaton gave me a very good overview a while ago which explained a lot. (Thank you again) but still have not put any of it into practice.

So stop on by and say hi.

In the next couple of days I’m going to update commission info, prices will change and new things will be included like mini comics and Shimejis so be on the look out.