Commission for automb ( the real one after the misunderstanding xD) of her two OCs

Sketch of Westcott enjoying the sound of Wilson being blown up by one of his explosives.

Sketch of Glen, I added the shading because I felt it completed the drawing and made it more ambient cause he’s a sad ghostie.

If you’re interested in commissioning me please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Best art, go buy some!

Yesterday was by far the worst day I have had in a very long time so I better see some awesome stuff on my dash today to make up for it.


#5 Who/what inspires you?

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I guess it starts with this little guy, I bought him how many years ago in Las Vegas and fell in love with him.  I named him Robert Mortis after the company that made him and since then he has become a staple in my art.  I created a character based on him.


 (This dude)

He’s now in a webcomic I’m currently doing that’s kinda on a hitatis atm but still draw him all the time. He has developed so much since I first started drawing him and now I feel he’s a very real character that  I can’t really tell him what to do anymore because his personality is so defined. 

Because of this character, I got into making characters and doing comics and becoming an artist in general.  I remember he was SO UGLY the first time I drew him but I kept going and redrew and reworked him and it really made me a better artist because of it.

I guess what I’m try to say that what inspires me comes from everyday things and events that I view and turn into something more. A lot of what I do and the stories I make come from things that have happened to me and I turn into something others will understand and enjoy as well.

He’s still pretty ugly but in a good way

#3 and #6! c:<

#3 Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.

I was doodling more Don’t Starve/Portal Crossover junk.  Mostly designing a don’t starve portal gun with blue and orange gems



#6 Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

Left/right  I would be so screwed if I lost my right hand


no comment on the bishi Maxwell face from that comic

no comment on the bishi Maxwell face from that comic

"I expect you to return that coat one day"

Art trade piece for the wonderful Sephielya, you should def read her writings. She requested a piece with Wilson wearing Maxwell’s adventure mode coat.  I wanted to put in so many more panels but could not begin to find the time to so that’s a bummer.


I can die happy having drawn this face. ehehehe.
Part of something I&#8217;m working on.

I can die happy having drawn this face. ehehehe.

Part of something I’m working on.

Another job adding to the reasons why I don’t have time to draw during the week. I’m actually really sad about that. Because I literally have only have three options, never sleep, never draw or quit my favorite job because it doesn’t pay the best. Crud.

Wendy doesn’t have eyebrows so I gave her some.  And a Spider Mama sketch as well I posted yesterday but decided to pair it with something else as to not clutter.